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We feel a massive pleasure to introduce our self as one of the leading manufacturers and traders engaged in all types Hydraulic Hose Fittings (High & Low) Pressure, Pneumatic (Hose Fittings),Steel & PVC Pipe Fittings, Structural Pipe Fittings. Aimed to fulfill challenging demands of our large customer base, we the DY IMPEX. has scaled to the newer heights of success amongst these product range.

Established in the year 2007, we have been following quality conscious approach in all our operations as well as undertaking relevant measures so as to ensure flawless products.
Our unwavering commitment has won us accolades from all across the nation. Today, we are well known brand in the field of Hydraulic Hose Fittings (High & Low) Pressure, Pneumatic (Hose Fittings), Steel & PVC Pipe Fittings, Structural Pipe Fittings.

We are based at Ludhiana City the manufacturing center of India, 180 kms away from Amritsar International Airport, We are group of highly qualified and experienced staff have all the experience and industry knowledge you need to ensure that you receive only the highest standard of service every time. Over the years spent in the hydraulics services industry, our highly skilled, motivated and experienced team has built a reputation for our ability to design and develop cost-effective hydraulic and pneumatic solutions for our clients.
Since 2007, DY Impex has spread its wings and established the business globally. We started exporting to foreign countries in the year 2009. Since then, we have never looked back and paved the way for our journey towards growth.

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We are registered under certification of ISO 9001-2008. This certification covers everything from the design, development, assembly of entire range of components. We ensure the reliability of our products by going through systematic quality inspection procedures.

In the process of delivering quality products, modern laboratory equipped with cutting-edge equipment supports us. For inspecting the features like physical strength, size accuracy, consistency and so on, we conduct several tests during pre and post production phases. Checking different production stages are done by quality controllers at a regular and random basis for reassuring that the components are in conformation with international quality standards. Each and every employee is aware of their accountability and is dedicated individually towards achieving our goal of zero defects.

These are the pillars for the success of DY Impex: -
  • Qualified & trained workforce
  • Finest quality assurance
  • Strict quality control and material testing labs
  • Continuous improvement in the quality and operating systems Like PPAP, APQP & ISIR.
  • In-house Quality Testing Lab for Metallurgy Testing
  • Use of Instrument Calibration Process

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Ethical businesses prioritize safety in the workplace. In a manufacturing environment, the presence of machines and raw materials make adequate safety procedures both legally mandatory and ethically necessary. In addition to basic safety rules, such as wearing protective equipments and refraining from engaging in risky behavior, the main issues relate to a reasonable balance between inconvenience, productivity and safety. Applying too many rules creates compliance problems, while not addressing safety issues can lead to injury. We give the employees a role in developing safety regulations for a production line, it helps in the implementation of effective rules that strike the right balance.

Secure Workplace

Company has a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure workers are not subject to sexual harassment or other forms of workplace hostility and to treat all employees fairly so that manufacturing environment has mostly male workers, we are to be especially vigilant that female employees feel welcome and comfortable. To meet both the legal and ethical challenges, company detailed policies against harassment and make sure all employees comply.

Safe Products

In addition to internal issues, we face liability once our products leave the factory. Product safety is governed by legislation, and ethical concerns. This means we only ship those products that have been tested for safety. While knowingly shipping dangerous products is illegal and unethical, the use of products also may have unintended and harmful effects. Going beyond legal requirements to thoroughly test all aspects of the use of products reduces your exposure to possible law suits and fulfills your ethical duties.

Reduced Environmental Effects

Manufacturing processes use energy and produce waste. Legal restrictions govern how can produce energy while limiting emissions and how have to treat waste to reduce environmental damage. Ethical concerns influence the overall approach of our company toward environmental degradation caused by its manufacturing operations. Taking into account both legal and ethical factors, we reduce our energy use by increasing energy efficiency and exploring the use of alternative technologies. At the same time we reduce waste by looking at where it is generated and by changing manufacturing process to produce as little as possible.

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Since 2007, DY Impex has spread its wings and established the business globally. We exported our products for the first time in foreign countries in 2009. Since then, we have never looked back and paved the way for our journey towards growth. We started doing business in Europe, Middle East and the Far East after being and leading the industry for eight years. DY Impex is increasing its competitiveness in the global market by ensuring a strong foothold globally. We are dealing in the business of more than 500 products both nationally and globally. We are interested in making a strategic alliance with overseas business partners by teaming up with them so that to make our global presence powerful.

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Italy, Poland, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, U.K., Ireland, South korea, France, Belarus

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